Krishnavi Wildlife, Culture & Photography Expeditions

Krishnavi Expeditions is the perfect way to experience the rich and diverse natural history of central and western India and its fascinating historical and cultural heritage. Whether as part of a group or on your own private bespoke itinerary you can choose either wildlife or a cultural tour or why not combine a mixture of both according to your own preference and interests.

For those seeking the best experience of the natural history we will ensure you are guided by experienced professional naturalists and encounter the remarkable flora and fauna of India in some of the stunning National Parks famed for their wildlife and beauty of the natural landscape. A typical Krishnavi Expedition will bring you close to the local wildlife from birds and reptiles to mammals both small and large; from open grassland to jungle and dramatic upland terrain. After a day on safari you can relax in luxurious and comfortable lodge accommodation on the edge of the park and enjoy a high standard of local cuisine accompanied by excellent service from friendly staff taking care of your every need.

On a cultural tour we will take you to some of the finest destinations where you will experience the colourful and historical culture of regional India, including some places that are off the beaten track. Again you will be accompanied by specialist guides who have an in depth knowledge of the history of the places you visit. Your accommodation will be hotels carefully selected for their high standard of comfort service, and we will also offer you stay at some of the finest home stays which will give you a chance to interact and live with an Indian family.

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